Press Release
Frankfurt/Main, 2 December 2021
No. 79/2021
the criminal case against Alaa M.

Higher Regional Court (OLG) Frankfurt/Main: accreditation proceedings in the
criminal case against Alaa M.

By decision of 10 October 2021, the 5th Senate (State Security Senate [Staatsschutzsenat])
of the Higher Regional Court, Frankfurt/Main partially opened the main proceedings
against the defendant Alaa M. on the charge of crimes against humanity, among
others (press release no. 70/2021 dating from 10 November 2021). The main trial is
expected to begin at the beginning of 2022.
In order to evaluate the media interest on the days of the main trial, an accreditation procedure will first be carried out. Depending on the number and composition of the accreditated media representatives as well as the current pandemic development, the
regulations on the allocation of seats will then be formulated in a separate order.
Consequently, the accreditation certificate does not entail an allocation of seats.
All media representatives, photographers, and camera teams interested in attending
the main trial is requested to submit the following documents:

1- a valid press card
2- a card from a radio or television station as defined by the Press Act
3- a letter of reference from such a company (confirmation of employment)
4- other proof of their journalistic activity.
5- Documents for the accreditation should be submitted to the Press Office of the Higher

Regional Court Frankfurt/Main by e-mail at ( ) or by fax
at ( 004969 1367 8382 ).
The following information must be provided:

* full name

* date of birth

* medium (legally independent unit)

* e-mail address

willingness to take over the pool leadership.
Applications for accreditation received in any other way than the one mentioned above
cannot be considered and will not be forwarded.
The accreditation deadline is 21 December 2021 at 12:00. Applications for accreditation
received after the deadline cannot be considered.
The Press Office of the Higher Regional Court Frankfurt/Main is responsible for the accreditation
After the deadline, media representatives will receive an e-mail informing them whether
their information has led to accreditation.
Please carry confirmation of accreditation with you each time you participate in a day
of the main trial and show it to the security staff.
Higher Regional Court Frankfurt/Main, 5-3 StE 2/21 – 4 – 2/21
English version: dep. press spokeswoman Dr. Charlotte Rau