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The Syrian Centre for Legal Studies and research is an independent, non-governmental, and non-profit rights organization that is concerned with the dissemination and establishment of principles of the Syrian people and the rebuilding of the legal structure of the Syrian state through the publication of research and Legal studies. It also works to establish the principles of justice by providing support and legal assistance to victims of violations and defending the detainees of opinion and conscience in Syria and works to hold human rights violators accountable by processing and submitting files to competent jurisdictions and building the capacity of Syrian jurists to carry out. In order to achieve its goals, it is focused on governments, decision-makers, international organizations, and the general public’s influence to stop violations and hold accountable those in Syria.

The Centre strives to achieve its objectives among the highest values of credibility, impartiality, objectivity, and independence.
·         We are committed to revealing the grave violations that have occurred and are still occurring in Syria and to defending the rights of Syrian survivors and victims wherever they are guided in our work by the International Bill of Human rights and international humanitarian law.
·         We are independent of any political, partisan, or religious party and we do not accept any support that could jeopardize our objectivity and independence.
·         We are committed to objectivity in detecting crimes and violations on Syrian soil from any source, they are committed to maintaining high standards of accuracy in the collection of evidence, proof, integrity, and transparency in the work of the Centre and in all its legal bulletins, reports and research.
·         We are committed to supporting and developing civil society in Syria and the principle of gender equality and women’s rights and gender.
·         We are committed to defending the detainees of opinion and conscience and political detainees in Syria and to an independent, impartial and fair judiciary and fair courts that apply the international standards of a fair trial.

The structure of the Centre consists of an international advisory body and a board of directors composed of lawyers:
The lawyer Anwar Albuni                   Head Of Board + Executive Director
Mr. Sami Matar                                                     Co-Director
Mrs. Annegret Hoffmann                                     Treasurer
The lawyer Michel shamas
Mr. Amjad Hamadeh                                     Admin and Finance Officer                                                                  Mr. Yousif FAKER Al DEEN                                  Director of Research Department
So that the decision is taken by the annual plan of the board of directors and the executive director
Research Coordinator
Translated into reality with the submission of reports and financial narrative every six months for the board of directors to keep it informed and to make the decision
. German Judges Association
. Cairo Institute for Human Rights
. Euro-Med Human Rights Network
. Writer Charles Class
. Pro. Ziad Majed
The strength of the center is the following points:
·         The existence of trust relations with Syrian organizations and international organizations and bodies.
·         The uniqueness of the center in the case of the defense of detainees and international judicial files to hold violators accountable
·         Writing legal research affecting the decision-makers and the Syrian situation
·         Accuracy of information on human rights violations and continued fieldwork within Syria
·         Independence or impartiality of members, volunteers/affiliations, and associates of the center from any political party or stream
·         Specialization of the center in the work of rights and focus on it only
The center works to achieve its objectives within a strategy that incorporates the following principles:
1.     Defending prisoners of conscience in Syria: Continuity and support for the work of the interior team in defending detainees
2.     Justice and accountability: development of a mechanism and plan of action for the preparation of judicial files and the human and financial resources they need, training lawyers, building suits against violators
3.     Legal research
4.     Promotion and access: custody of the center’s website and development of an adverting plan for legal and juridical dissemination.
The center strategy is focused on supporting these principles further into them, particularly:
·         Accounting and legal research, the center will therefore support the capacity of its internal components to enable them to build judicial files
·         Developing relations with legal organizations and prosecutors in Europa to enable the center to submit the files it accomplishes to the courts, and prosecute the criminals against humanity and war criminals if they are still in Syria or outside Syria
·         Development of legal research to provide a full view of all legal and constitutional aspects of the coming Syrian state, for submission to political decision-makers
·         Development of the center’s relationship with non-governmental donors
The center has a vision of justice in Syria with a transitional justice plan that builds peace and restores civil peace without its application and holds accountable war criminals and criminals against humanity, the center has a vision of how the Syrian state can be legally built in the future in terms of respect for human rights, freedom, justice, and equality.


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Website: www.sl-center.org