Terrorism as an Industry

Terrorism as an Industry
Once again , discussing terrorism is the talk of the hour as an international disaster. The world is busy with terrorism which is becoming the craft of social groups,that will live a while on the expense of explaining this phenomenon.
There will be enough conspiring for a lot of people to write what satisfies international policy makers who are interested in fabricating a relation between terrorism and the communities affected by it especially since we are talking about non-western communities.
Is “terrorism” being discussed so dangerous that the international community has to mobilize this huge effort to fight it? Or is it only an industry on demand when needed to achieve political and economic interests?
It does not need much time to speak frankly about “Terrorism Industry” in an environment that does not have any causes or pillars to sponsor terrorism as compared to any Western country. This paper provided by the Syrian Center for Legal Studies & Research discusses its related parties and causes:
The Syrian regime is the key source of terrorism in Syria, and often it is the creator of terrorism. The Syrian regime is the manager of terrorism to manage its internal control and in service of a regional role it struggled to achieve and keep.
Iran and other country in the area is the second source by creating and supporting Terrorist groups like al-Qaeda, Hezbollah and Shiite and Sunni militias. To force its agenda and save its interests.
Israel is a third source of terrorism: Forcibly create a political entity using ethnic cleansing and refusing, till today, any solution with the Palestinian people, and with Syria to regain the occupied Golan Heights.
Western countries are a fourth source, the way they manage their Interests in the region, using dictators as proxies and business managers, supporting and conspiring with dictators while keeping silence about their crimes against the people .
In Syria, the four previous factors meet because of geographical and historical reasons.
In Syria, a politic minority rules the country with a bloody family in the center comprised of a wide network of interests that have been controlling the entire country’s capacities for decades. They decided to burn and destroy the country and kill its people before submitting to demands of freedom and political participation, and it Considered the Syrian people as slaves.
Over the past 5 years, Syria witnessed a wide-scale crime happened while Western countries remained silent. The only reason for the bloody regime to still exist in Syria is because the international community protected it. The regime’s survival expands terrorism reasons and justifications.
Before we ask: how can we fight terrorism? We have to ask who will fight terrorism?
The problem is those who claim to fight terrorism are full-scale terrorists. Regimes and presidents engaging in, support and encourage terrorism implicitly and explicitly. Afterwards, they say they will fight terrorism, they do with counter-terrorism. Everyone uses terrorism as a pretense to practice counter-terrorism. Then they wash their hands of the blood of victims by announcing they will fight terrorism, a similar case to Pontius Pilate washing his hands of Jesus Christ’s blood.
Terrorism victims and true enemies are not allowed to combat terrorism. Rather, they are subject to more terrorism.
Terrorism is not the product of extremist ideas found in all societies throughout history. Terrorism is rather an industry with the full meaning of the word. There are a small terrorism groups and individuals. but those it is easy to fight them especially when they do not have an Financing and safe havens. The true and dangerous one is “organized terrorism”, an industry by countries and major institutions with resources and funds to finance their product, with ideas and tools, safe mechanisms to export it, enough studies on the “public mood” so terrorism is exported under slogans in line with the culture and habits of both terrorism-importing and exporting societies.
Terrorism is a tool in the hands of legitimate international bodies away from accountability and punishment. They use it to implement policies, impose agendas and achieve political and economic gains.
Today, the international community is fighting terrorism in a rather funny way. It tries to cut-off the arms of the octopus, while shaking other arms of the same octopus. The international community cuts off some arms, the octopus re-creates others and so on. The octopus mocks us every time and we keep moving in a vicious circle wondering how to fight terrorism? Why don’t we succeed?
The clearest rule to end terrorism is ending its reasons, holding perpetrators accountable regardless of their position, religion, ethnicity or affiliation. This was not allowed in Syria by key powers both regionally and internationally; each for its own reasons. The international community still deals with the heads of terrorism and perpetrators of crimes against humanity as state representatives .
When true justice is absent, victims seek other methods to get their rights. We cannot blame them in front of the international negligence and inaction.
In Syria, there are parties creating terrorism by finding the necessary environment for terrorism to begin and expand.
Detention centers are factories for death and terrorism. The same applies to toxic gases, besiegement and hunger under barrel bombs in addition to religious and sectarian sedition. No political solution or anti-terrorism efforts can be discussed before ending that.
And now we heard some voices ask to share those with anti-terrorism procedure, I am wondering why they do not ask to share al Baghdadi and al GHawahri , al Golani also.
The international community is an active partner in creating terrorism it claims to fight by failing to take any action to stop the crimes and achieve justice for the victims. The international community did not send any true message that crimes will be punishable, perpetrators from any side will be held accountable regardless of positions. The international community’s action is incomplete, practices selective justice by disregarding some crimes and concentrating on others.
There are Selectivity in evaluating crimes according to the perpetrators, their religion, ethnicity and political principles or based on the victim’s profile. Major crimes met with silence because the perpetrator repeats the slogan of “Secularism” or “protecting minorities” while victims are of one religion and vice versa. Selectivity and division between terrorism practiced by a state and its army against their own people or other people, and terrorism practiced by small armed groups against the same people is the essence of the problem.
When the Syrian regime killed over 300,000 victims most of them civilian include woman and children, 50,000 die in the detention, and destroyed half of Syria for over three years, the international community used the positions of Russia and China and the difficulty to take an international position of the issue as an excuse for inaction. When ISIS killed dozens of Syrians, including foreigners, the international community did not wait for Russia and China or resolutions by the United Nations Security Council and created a military alliance and air strikes began in less than a week.
Despite the crimes of the Syrian regime against Syrians and other people in the region for 40 years without any accountability, the international community continued dealing with the regime. This selectivity creates terrorism and a sponsoring environment with the most adverse impacts as it creates incentive for counter terrorism and escalation of violence.
The entire international community is part of creating, encouraging and even supporting terrorism. There should be a response to the basic principles of human rights, especially justice for everyone without any exceptions. Human rights are universal, not based on the identity, religion, sect or ethnicity of the criminal/victim. Terrorism must be faced regardless of its source and the identity, religion, sect or ethnicity of the criminal/victim. There is no preference between one type of terrorism and another; this will only add insult to the wound and will only pass the time on the expense of the blood and suffering of the Syrian people. Further, it will create more terrorism and threats to world peace and security which is your responsibility.
Lawyer Anwar al-Bunni

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