Statementsغير مصنف

To the free people of the world. Sign up with us, to Not rehabilitate criminals against humanity

Arab countries are hastily pressing to reinstate the Assad regime to the Arab League and its institutions. This is an authority that has been internationally condemned for crimes against humanity, including the killing and arresting of hundreds of thousands of Syrians, the displacement of millions, the siege and destruction of cities and villages, the bombing of hospitals, schools, and residential buildings, and the use of chemical weapons against civilians. Despite the Syrian people’s demands for democracy, political participation, and freedom, the regime continues to pursue these crimes against humanity.

It is noteworthy that the demands for the Assad regime’s return to the Arab League and its institutions lack the conditions that democratic countries have called for, such as the release of detainees, the cessation of security prosecutions, the independence of the judiciary and justice procedures, the release of freedoms, the restraint of security services, and the voluntary and dignified return of refugees. Additionally, there is a need to ensure the participation and independence of parties and civil society, launch a genuine political process based on United Nations resolutions, and make other demands that guarantee an end to enslavement and oppression.

The reward of tyrants who have been convicted of crimes against humanity by reinstating them to regional institutions and lifting sanctions poses an imminent danger to the Syrian people and to the future of humanity. By transitioning from evading punishment to rewarding the perpetrators of crimes against humanity, this will lead to an increase in such crimes, as every criminal will expect to be held accountable while advocates use “double standards” by demanding punishment and rewarding those like them.

Dear free women and men of the world, safeguarding our future necessitates that we take action against politicians who perpetuate impunity and shield murderers from justice. We must urgently demand an end to the process of rewarding the Syrian regime and ensure that those responsible for war crimes, crimes against humanity, and other violations in Syria are held accountable. Let us act now to secure a better future for all.