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“Syria Not Safe” Campaign

As part of the campaign that we started it under the name of “Syria not save country ” the head of the Syrian Center for Legal Studies and Research ( SCLSR ) with a delegation from the organization “ adopt revolution “ on 23.10.2019 met in German parliament with representatives of the German party CDU and AFD Dr. Patrick Sensburg and Mr. Christoph Vries, for their statements against the presence of refugees and their return to Syria. First of all, we asked them that the humanitarian issue of refugees should not be a topic in Germany’s internal election campaigns. And then We gave them a detailed explanation of the reality of the situation in Syria in terms of the situation on the ground and in terms of the legal environment, in terms of Syrian laws that protect criminals from accountability and the independent judiciary. In terms of the number of detainees and forcibly disappeared and those killed under torture and in terms of the number of disappeared and detainees whom returned to Syria or were forced to return from Lebanon and those who conducted reconciliation with the regime or Russia in the areas of reconciliation also presented what has been achieved in terms of accountability for the crimes against humanity and war crimes in Syria, the files had submitted in front of the Federal Prosecutor in Germany and the arrest warrants had issued against a number of Syrian officials whom responsible of those crimes. And we asked for clarification on their previous statement. the two MPs affirmed that they are well informed about torture and detention and in the pictures of Caesar’s file. and they explain that their statements do not mean that they are demanding the return of refugees now, but rather a future sign that refugees will return in the future when the environment is safe for them, and they call for the return of refugees when the environment becomes safe. We discuss the concept of a safe environment, there is still a difference of opinion on this concept and when it will be achieved. The MPs expressed their desire to continuously communicate to clarify these points. The MPs affirmed their full support for holding criminals against humanity and war criminals accountable and asserted that their party will demand the support of the investigation and prosecution units who carry out this work. The Syrian Center for Legal Studies and Research and the organization “adopt revolution” will organize other meetings of German officials regarding this file within the activities of this campaign